Generate Your Own Spotify Playlist Auto-Play Link

Dustin Boyer

Are you looking to create a Spotify playlist link that automatically plays a specific song from that playlist when users click through? Well, we've got you covered!

If you’re wondering, “Why would I ever need to do this?” Here are a few reasons:

Getting placed on a Spotify editorial playlist is an awesome achievement, but your song's performance on that list is going to determine whether it stays there, gets moved to a higher slot, or added to bigger and better playlists. You may not be able to control how people engage with your track there as a whole, but you can certainly help by sending your fans to stream your song on the playlist directly. Make it easy on them with a direct link that auto-plays your song on the playlist! 

Below, we’ve devised a simple URL builder to create the link you need to do this.

There are only two caveats

  • This only works on mobile apps
  • It only works for Spotify Premium users, since Free users cannot pick specific songs on a playlist

Follow the instructions below. And if you need help getting on Spotify editorials, read our blog on How To Get Your Music on a Spotify Editorial Playlist.

Playlist URL:

Track URL:


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