Authenticity Counts When It Comes To Social Media

The digital age swept over the millennial generation like an act of God, inundating young kids with images of perfect people and lives, at an age where they believed those overly-curated lifestyles were obtainable. In a world that continues to rapidly change overnight, it’s easy to forget to still be ourselves within our online profiles, feeling as if we have to create the perfect version of ourselves instead. And the truth is - being yourself online is not only better for your mental health, but also for your brand.

Several studies over the past few years have shown authentic self expression on social media leads to a happier well being and life satisfaction. Overall, the outcome of your mental health and happiness will depend on which ways the platform is utilized, and how authentic you portray your life to friends, family, colleagues or followers. Many of us utilize our platforms for outreach and to build a following, but the further your profiles strays from your actual life and personality, the more it can take a toll on your mental health.

Not only is it important to stay authentic to your personal brand for your mind and spiritual health, but it is also the kind of content followers want to see, enjoy and interact with. TikTok is a fantastic example of this trend- the more humorous, relatable and real a video is, the more followers feel connected to the profile and person.

Overall ways to stay authentic and connect with your followers:

  • Use photos that are real and not overly ‘fixed.’ Over-editing your photos is so 2017. We want to see your stretch marks, acne, imperfect smile and stain on your shirt. Every single person feels those insecurities and your followers will be grateful they can see that too.
  • Be transparent… If you're having a bad day, tell us about it! Be humorous, be real, be honest.
  • Provide a sense of connection and community you want to see. YOU create the ambiance and mood of your profile- cultivate the content you want to see throughout the platform.
  • If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Don’t post if the content doesn’t feel like you, your feed should represent your personal values and topics you feel are most important.
  • Listen and respond. Responding to each comment on your profile will encourage engagement and help foster community.
  • Don’t be afraid to have an opinion. Feel empowered to be vocal on what is important to you, and in the long run you can develop a community that agrees.

Best practices for authenticity on each platform

Facebook: The milestone platform

Facebook has steadily morphed into the platform where artists post strictly their releases and big announcements. Lean into this trend and make your new single release a long story about how you think and feel about your song- focusing on being authentic as well as creating disruptive content.

Instagram: A week in the life

Instagram is finally becoming casual (thank gosh!!) and we are here for it. No more of the perfectly curated photos, but fun carousels of photos with friends, a great meal and a day at the beach. Bios are also becoming more casual- keep it short and sweet with one line.

Twitter: Opinion central

Twitter is the holy grail of opinions… so start typing. To fully encapsulate your authentic aura on social media, you need to be honest with yourself and your followers about what you believe in, and Twitter is just the platform for that.

TikTok: Total chaos

TikTok was the birth and baptism of authentic social media, so there are no wrong answers when it comes to creating content and posting what you are feeling. Hint: Sometimes your *draft* videos will become the most popular!

As artists, we feel the need to be the best versions of ourselves in any regard, with music, personality, our brand and with our team. With social media, each one of those aspects is under a laser fine microscope, as if we could be given away at any minute. There’s a consistent pressure, and for what reason? Fans want to find similarities with who they follow, as well as feel accepted. You are empowered to create your ambience within your profile; take the leap of faith and do it!

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