Case Study

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Reigniting audiences with a re-record of a hit single

Client: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Jan - Nov 2022
Ad Budget:
Target Audience:


  • TikTok: 8 Million Views
  • TikTok: 125k Followers
  • Spotify: 1.5 Million Streams
  • Spotify: 500k Monthly Listeners
  • Youtube: 1.6 Million Views


To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of their hit song, “Face Down” The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus created a plan to release a new alternate version of the song. The band also created a “sequel” to the original music video, which includes the original actress and the continuation of her character’s story. 

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus also collaborated with Domestic Shelters to focus on awareness of domestic violence. 

The release of this single was set to release in October 2022 on the first day of the When We Were Young Festival. Since the band was set to perform, we wanted to use the announcement of the festival to generate excitement before the actual song announcement. 

We accomplished this by launching their TikTok account, focusing on re-engaging with former “emo kids” and lapsed listeners of the band. We relied on nostalgic and funny content around the band that reminded fans why they loved the band so much. Our team also spent a lot of time working with the band on engaging as much as possible with fans one-on-one. This helped create more organic and viral growth through TikTok’s algorithm. 

We also used this content to run ads strategically retargeting this same audience, driving to DSPs. We did this for months to collect warm audience data for retargeting when the song drops. 

Early October we launched a series of personal messages from the band’s lead singer, announcing the song. These pieces of content reached over six million views and 125k followers on TikTok alone, generating immense excitement around the song.

Sadly the day of the release, When We Were Young festival day 1 was canceled due to high winds. However, taking advantage of a bad situation, the band put on a last-minute show with Hawthorne Heights, generating further buzz and multiple press hits, including Variety and Yahoo. This led to immediate coverage around the song's release and imminent music video, which was released the second weekend of the festival. 

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