Case Study

Meg Myers

"Running Up That Hill" Single Promotion

Venture was hired by Red Light in September to help push Meg Myers’ latest single, “Running Up That Hill.”

The track had been released 6 months prior by her previous label, but had been neglected for months. After being dropped by her label, Meg’s management took charge and put together a new independent team to pick up where the label left off.

Using a variety of direct-to-fan ad strategies, we were able to repurpose the content Meg’s team provided and start immediately reversing a steady downward trend in active monthly listeners on Spotify.

Less than 8 weeks in, Meg’s daily streams more than doubled to 20,000+ per day and total monthly listeners grew from 389,000 to 449,000. A spike of over 15% or 60,000 new listeners.

While we helped curate a few different playlists for Meg (ex. Modern Rock Art Show). Virtually all of the growth we produced was driven directly from her listeners' own playlists and library.

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