Case Study

Matt Maeson

Stoking the flames of a passionate fanbase


Client: Atlantic Records
April - Dec 2022
Ad Budget:
Target Audience:


  • TikTok: +126,000 Followers
  • TikTok: +5 Million Views
  • Spotify: +380,000 Listeners
  • Sold Out Fall Tour


Matt Maeson’s 2019 album release Bank On The Funeral was a landmark success that earned him a dedicated fanbase all over the world. However, after an extended touring hiatus during the pandemic, it became essential to reactivate his audience before gearing up to tour and release new music. 

Before our campaign started, Matt had been selective in his approach to posting on social media. His music and lyrics had always offered fans a uniquely transparent connection, but people rarely had a chance to truly see behind the curtain. We knew if we could create a short-form content strategy across TikTok, Reels, and Shorts consistent with Matt’s raw and authentic brand in real life - we would be giving fans something new and exciting before any hint of the new music coming. 

With that understanding, we launched Matt’s new TikTok channel three weeks prior to the first single release, with an acoustic performance of his existing release “Cringe.” Within 24 hours our first post was viewed over 2 million times and had thousands of encouraging comments. Fans quickly caught on to communicating with Matt through TikTok in a way they hadn’t before. 

Leading up to the official announcement of the first single, “Blood Runs Red,” we gave fans the first teaser of new music by updating the Spotify Canvases and YouTube thumbnails on all of Matt’s biggest songs – using a photo of Matt dressed as a monster from the upcoming music video. Clicking on the photos then led to a cryptic website with a countdown clock and a pre-save link, effectively creating a buzz within the fan community. 

We later carried the same themes over to TikTok where we tried to utilize the offputting nature of the character to continue building excitement. This monster motif was also utilized at shows, where we had a Matt lookalike, dressed as the “monster” walking around and taking pictures with fans waiting in line for the show. 

Our team continued to focus on capturing content that not only showcased Matt’s raw and powerful voice but also his charismatic personality. Posting thoughtful short-form video content consistently leading up to the album release not only led to streams but nationally sold-out shows.


Atlantic Records:

Kassie Gesuelli – Manager, Digital Marketing
Tess Greenberg – Coordinator, Digital Marketing
Nick Harvey – Director, Marketing
Ian Posner – Manager, Interactive Design
Samantha Boyle – Manager, Web Production
Andrew Ralph – Senior Manager, Motion Graphic Design

fngrprnt Management:

Dillon Goldberg
Clayton Blaha

Venture Music:

Janie Whitefield - Creative Director
Dustin Boyer - VP, Marketing

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