Case Study

Manny Blu

Introducing a new artist to the world

Client: Manny Blu
Jan - Nov 2022
Ad Budget:
Target Audience:
US, UK, Canada, Australia


  • TikTok: +89,000 Followers
  • TikTok: +5 Million Views
  • Spotify: +400,000 Listeners
  • Spotify: +2.5 Million Streams


Manny Blu is an alternative country artist currently working to make a name for himself in Nashville. Independent of any label, Manny came to us with his charisma and a 24-song catalog looking to finally make an introduction to the world.

Our mission was to position Manny as a genre-bending leader in the otherwise crowded country space. Taking one look at Manny will tell you he’s not your typical country artist. So we started by just showcasing his unique punk-rock personality on TikTok until something stuck. 

Over the course of 5 months, we helped Manny create content and posted nearly every day on TikTok. Finally, Manny went viral with two posts featuring his song “Rusty Things.” The song, about finding a partner who loves you despite your flaws, resonated with both country and pop-punk fans on TikTok immediately and signaled us to double down. 

We helped create dozens of other videos of Manny performing the song and established a repeatable trend for fans to use the song and share their stories. Arguably the most notable part of this success was that the momentum we created on TikTok organically translated to Spotify. Ultimately propelling Manny Blu to the next level of awareness with over 400k monthly listeners.

With his new fandom - particularly in the US and Canada - we engaged superfans further with SMS direct messaging on Community. This gave fans an insight into Manny’s personal life and allowed a direct line of communication for future music and touring news.


  • John Schmidt, Venture Music, Account Manager
  • Dustin Boyer, Venture Music, Marketing Director
  • Janie Whitefield, Venture Music, Creative Director
  • Audrey Lausterer, Venture Music, Creative Coordinator
  • Nathan Dohse, AGD Entertainment, Management
  • Nicole Arruda, AGD Entertainment, Management

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