Case Study


Engaging a fanbase with personalized activations

Client: ADA / Emagen Management
February - May 2022
Total Budget:
Target Audience:


  • Peaked at #2 Singer-Songwriter album on iTunes (US)
  • Peaked at #16 Album (all genres) on iTunes (US)
  • 4,500 new Spotify Followers
  • 22,400 new TikTok Likes
  • 13,000 total SuperPhone Contacts


JOHNNYSWIM has been a beloved independent artist for over a decade. Our goal was to create widespread awareness around the band’s new self-titled album by re-engaging their existing fanbase with personalized activations. Then, to expand awareness to new tertiary markets.

Throughout the pandemic, after touring was canceled, the husband and wife duo stayed busy keeping fans engaged on their own. The band created a ‘Songs With Strangers’ series in which they randomly select strangers on Instagram Live to write, record, produce, and release a song together in 24 hours.

We utilized this momentum to create even more experiences for fans. Throughout the rollout of their self-titled album, JOHNNYSWIM activated their 255k Instagram followers by hosting impromptu live chats with fans and performing new and unreleased music. The duo added another layer of engagement by encouraging fans to text questions and song requests via SuperPhone. We were able to re-target these SMS superfans later in the campaign for localized shoutouts when new tour dates were announced.

Always innovating, JOHNNYSWIM was one of the first artists to host an audio chat room via Spotify Live Artist Rooms in May 2022. The band’s top Spotify listeners were invited to participate in an exclusive chat to discuss the band’s origins, the meaning behind their songs, and reminisce about their favorite moments on the road.

For the concert superfan who couldn’t attend live shows, JOHNNYSWIM hosted a number of YouTube exclusive live streamed concerts, deemed Live From The Backyard.


  • John Schmidt, Venture Music, Account Manager
  • Dustin Boyer, Venture Music, Media Strategy
  • Hannah McElroy, Venture Music, Creative/Social Manager
  • Jason King, Emagen Management
  • John Meneilly, Emagen Management
  • Amy Waters, JOHNNYSWIM
  • Ellie McKay, Emagen Management
  • Mike Green, ADA
  • Roseann Gallo, ADA
  • Alexa Eskin, ADA
  • Aylish O'Sullivan, ADA

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