Case Study


Album Pre-order Campaign Focused on ROI

Futurebirds hired Venture in November to help promote and ultimately fund their first independent album release.

The band had spent the previous decade touring and building a grassroots  support system. Up until that point though, they hadn’t directly funded a release via their fanbase, and no one in the band or their management team was excited about the idea of using a crowdfunding platform.

We instead facilitated a way to recreate the same fan experience without the need for a traditional platform. Using the web store on the the band's existing Squarespace website, we built a landing page, created and embedded a campaign video, and bundled together different exclusive items. We then helped frame up the right messaging in email blasts, social posts, and ad spends. And in the end, we hit the high end of the team’s expectations for total sales during the campaign.

Pre-Order Duration: 10 Weeks

Total Ad Spend: $2,108

Direct Sales Conversations: $17,962

Ad Spend ROI: $15,854

More importantly, the general awareness from all the impressions leading up to release day proved how impactful direct marketing can be. Teamwork gained almost 500,000 streams in its first week. With total streams from the band’s existing audience spiking by almost 400%.

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