Case Study


Using a new platform to re-energize an audience

Client: Flobots
Jan - Aug 2022
Ad Budget:
Target Audience:


  • TikTok: +250,000 Followers
  • TikTok: +15 Million Views
  • Spotify: +116,000 Listeners
  • Sold Out Summer Tour Dates


Flobots hit single “Handlebars” put the band effectively on the world stage back in 2008. While they carried the momentum and maintained a loyal core fanbase - after being off the road for numerous years we were tasked with recreating the spark of excitement that helped them sell tickets in the past. 

With a stacked Spring and Summer 2022 tour slated it was important for us to move quickly. The band hadn’t been active on social media and didn’t have a presence on TikTok prior to us coming on board. So we saw an opportunity for us to create excitement in a new space.

Initially our goal was to connect the dots by helping existing superfans find the new profile we created on TikTok. We knew the majority of their core fans were Millennials. Though TikTok is often classified as “Gen Z”, we knew many Millennials were starting to heavily adopt the platform. So our focus centered on creating virality on TikTok to regain relevance.

Before posting any original content, the first thing we did was have the band duet popular videos that used “Handlebars.” This not only connected them directly to their biggest fans but showed their humility and appreciation for the fandom. In each of these videos, we made sure to pin that the band was currently on tour. Our goal was to always have some reminders for fans to check out tour dates.

After these videos started reaching millions of people, we switched to more original content focused on the band’s personalities and beliefs. This content often included inside jokes about the band being able to tell the future. There was also deeper, more political content the band focused on to drive conversation and controversy. 

Right before the tour, we launched two main concepts that went viral. We started a duet campaign around their single “Handlebars” which went viral across the platform, with thousands of artists participating. The other was a collaboration with @danielswell, where he spoke about the time in 2017 when Logan Paul copied “Handlebars” and the band, in turn, wrote a diss track. Our video stitched with the full diss track wound up reaching almost 5 million views on its own. 

Subsequently, the tour far exceeded expected ticket sales, selling out in markets they hadn’t sold out in years. After the tour began we further increased awareness of the tour by having every show live streamed directly to TikTok. Not only did this engage all those who weren’t in any tour markets, but it also helped sell additional show tickets.


Dustin Boyer - Venture Music, VP Marketing
Audrey Lausterer - Venture Music, Creative Manager
Taylor Cheers -Venture Music, Media Manager
Kevin Abrantes - BAD KNEWS Inc., Management

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