Case Study

Ashley Ryan

Creating viral traction behind a new single

Client: Spinville Records
Dec 2022 – March 2023
Ad Budget:
Target Audience:
US, UK, Canada, Australia


  • TikTok: +89,000 Followers
  • TikTok: +5 Million Views
  • Spotify: +127,157 Monthly listeners
  • Spotify: +1.8 Million Streams


Ashley Ryan is an independent country artist who first came to us with under 1000 monthly listeners on Spotify. With a unique lyrical style, Ashley’s music focused on relatable, yet unique concepts. 

Equipped with these unique songs, we laid out a plan that first focused on creating a series of short videos that could not only be posted to reach people organically but also be rolled into ads. 

To our excitement, before the song even dropped, the first series of videos reached 8 Million views, with listeners engaging on how the music reminded them of the show ‘Ginny and Georgia”. Leaning into this, we started a series of content relating the song directly back to the show, further increasing reach by the 10’s of millions. 

When the song dropped, it reached a million streams within a few weeks, setting Ashley up for a bright future.

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