What You Can Learn From Flyana Boss' Viral Success

Brian Massengale

By now, we’ve all seen Flyana Boss’ viral videos on our feeds. It’s hard to forget the unique and eye-catching clips of them sprinting through Disneyland, In-N-Out, and even the Google offices, lip syncing to their song, “You Wish,” as the camera moves and zooms dramatically around them. 

Since they’ve taken off, many other artists have tried to recreate that magic in their own videos, including big names like Demi Lovato and Tori Kelly. But what specific aspect of the video makes it so unique and memorable? If you, like many, believe that the key to Flyana Boss’ success is the camera work, you’d be missing the point. 

Flyana Boss’ videos are dynamic and engaging from the jump, and the camera work certainly adds to that. However, to identify the magic in these videos, you have to look at the full picture. “You Wish” is a high-energy, catchy song that grabs you immediately. The duo also have a strong visual style in the way they dress and the way they move through the video. They set the videos in chaotic locations that add intrigue and excitement for the viewer. By letting users suggest locations for future videos, the duo also add an extra layer of fan engagement. All that to say, the camera work is the perfect stylistic element to compliment an already strong approach to the content, it doesn’t on its own, drive the success. 

So what can other artist’s take away from Flyana Boss’ success?

We’re not saying you shouldn’t grab your GoPro and start sprinting through your local mall, but it is worth thinking a little more in-depth about your approach before you start recording. 

The visuals need to match the music.

What kind of vibe does your song have? Is it, like “You Wish,” a high-energy pop/rap hit, or is it maybe more chill and introspective? If you have a fast-paced, heavy-hitting track, it might make sense to pair that with fast-paced and energetic camera work, but that kind of movement with a song that’s even a little more relaxed will surely feel mismatched. 

Think of it as a dance routine for your song - you’re not going to just take whatever dance is most popular and perform it to your song, you want to create movements that flow with your beat and melody, the same applies to your camera.

Location matters.

Where you’re filming is just as important as what and how you’re filming. Let’s take Demi Lovato as an example. They recently shared a video promoting “Sorry Not Sorry” (Rock Version) on their socials and while the energy of the song certainly matches the energy of the camera movement, the video doesn’t quite hit the same as Flyana Boss’. That’s likely because throughout the video, Demi is just in a seat in front of a mixing board. The location doesn’t really connect to anything in the song, which makes the movement feel like an afterthought - something done to take advantage of an online trend rather than to raise the quality of the content.

When planning your own shoot, think about the settings that best fit your song. For Flyana Boss, the crowded public spaces match the energy of the song. If you’re someone like Noah Kahan though, maybe it makes most sense for you to meander through the forest in your content.

At the end of the day, the style of Flyana Boss’ viral videos is a trend and like all trends, you shouldn’t copy it exactly. Instead, find a way to take the intention behind it and make it work for your style and voice.

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